WaaS, Or DaaS, Or Is It VDI?

WaaS, Or DaaS, Or Is It VDI?

The confusion.

Technology is changing and evolving at a staggering pace, to the point where it has become difficult to keep up with the nomenclatures. Around 2006, the term VDI was being used, then around 2012 you started to hear DaaS, and then WaaS came into play. So what do they all mean, and what is the difference?

What Is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

To simply put it, VDI is a virtual desktop computer with the infrastructure sitting in a datacenter. VDI is the technology for providing and managing virtual desktops. VDI deploys a user desktop operating system, for example Windows, from a virtual machine sitting in a datacenter. This is done by taking a standard server and creating virtual standalone independent desktop computers within the server. Deploying such a solution requires highly technical engineers and constant oversight, from managing the hardware, software, licensing, and deployment.

What Is Desktop-As-A-Service (DaaS)?

DaaS is very similar to VDI but differs because instead of hosting desktops in an on-premise datacenter, where most cases your IT department has to manage the environment, DaaS uses a cloud-based back-end. DaaS is a VDI that is hosted in the cloud, and basically shifts the management of the hardware to a cloud provider. DaaS basically takes the worry of the infrastructure from IT, from load balancing to resource provisioning.

Instead of incurring the investment, resource as well as infrastructure, to develop a VDI solution, DaaS offers businesses the opportunity to have VDI capabilities but in a subscription model. Many companies can utilize DaaS vendors to provide such a solution. Unfortunately, the need of internal IT resources is still required. Though Desktop as a Service outsources the management of the infrastructure, the management of the applications, data, and security still requires IT resources.

What Is Workspace-As-A-Service (WaaS)?

DaaS may provide the virtual desktop in a cloud-based back-end, but it doesn’t provide all the necessary, and many times needed, features. In other words, view DaaS as the framework of the house, but the inside of the house is empty. WaaS provides the necessary features, or basically adds the furniture and living space of the house. For example, WaaS provides data storage, anti-virus, data back-up, and application management features.

DaaS is the bare bones to allow you to have a virtual desktop, along with the operating system, but it doesn’t provide what is needed in today’s highly regulatory, ever changing, technology driven world. Workspace as a Service provides the full package, from a virtual desktop in a cloud environment, along with all the necessary features to run your business. Many small businesses utilize such an offering because it doesn’t require internal IT resources to manage the infrastructure, applications, data, or security of such a service.


As you think through the investments in your business, and what is needed in today’s technology driven businesses, don’t short change yourself with a costly infrastructure to manage (VDI), or just the shell of the framework needed (DaaS), yet a full solution from the infrastructure, applications, and data that is scalable, flexible, and secure (WaaS). See how we provide a full solution to our customers with our Workspace as a Service offering.


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