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Security WPMUDEV

What is a WAF? – Website Application Security Explained

If a cyber attack targeting your web applications never reaches your website… Did the attack even happen? The answer is YES, and it was most likely a WAF that stopped it. In this article learn more about this intuitive firewall and why your site could benefit from having one.

E-mail Hosting

Five Free Email Accounts Per Site

Yes, you read that right – each site now comes with five free name@domain.tld style email addresses! We know how excited you must be to dive in.

Hosting WordPress

WordPress Managed Hosting Comparison Snapshot

Pressable powers the companies who power millions of websites and brands. “… gain access to the same resources as, WordPressVIP, WooCommerce, Jetpack, and more”

Depending on your project other host providers can be a good option such as WPMUDEV

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