4 Mind-Blowing Activities to Access Higher States of Consciousness | Vishen Lakhiani


Mindvalley Talks
In this Mindvalley Talk, prepare for your mind to be blown with the 4 most incredible (and fun!) paths to higher consciousness
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👉 https://go.mindvalley.com/vCYmmHtN Recorded at Mindvalley University, Croatia, this talk is jam-packed with the most inspiring, globally celebrated guests in the world of altered states 🧠 You’ll be discovering:
🙏 How you’ve been tricked into believing the ‘only’ thing that’s real in life
🙏 A brain waves lesson – and how understanding them is pivotal to your spiritual awakening
🙏 Why sex could be your ticket to altered states of being and deeper spirituality
🙏 How to explore lucid dreaming and incredible out-of-body-experiences …and so much more!